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Few words about fraudulent entities

If you have been contacted by Mann International, Source One International, Cornerstone Worldwide, Pro Capital Management, Anderson Shaw Group, Pharos International, Interactive Trade, Continental Trade or Eurasia Trade 'companies' who claim to be a brokerage company - do not send them any money! These are 100% fraudster companies created by scammers. They are not registered anywhere and you can find them on cold calling warning lists. Most probably they will tell you that this website is a fake and their lawyers are dealing with it. That is not true. We all heard that from them. read more about fraudsters >>

Who we are?

We are an investigation team representing large group of victims robbed by fraudsters behind Source One International, Mann International, Cornerstone Worldwide and Eurasia Trade. They have robbed from us almost 2 500 000 USD (and counting) and this is only tip of the iceberg. You are not alone! Read through this website and find information what should you should do. Contact us. The bigger the group of victims gets the more power it has!

What you will find here?

You will find information confirming that Mann International, Eurasia Trade, Cornerstone Worldwide, Source One International, Pro Capital Management and other fraudulent entities are nothing more than a fraudulent activities (check pages: about fraudsters, SEC statement). You will also find instructions what steps you should make as soon as possible. Beside that you will find links to proper authorities, press & media and communities. Last but not least you will find information how to contact our investigation team.

Remember: fraudsters are basing on the shame that you have been tricked from your money and your lack of action. Do not be passive - take proper action with our help!

How can I help?

If you have been victimized by one of the mentioned or similar fraudulent entities - go through our "instructions for the victims" section and contact us immediately.

If you want to learn does your similar "brokerage company" is conducted by the same group of fraudsters - check our "about fraudsters" section.

If you think that we missed any important authority, media or organization in our instructions for the victims and our links section - let us know!

If you have any interesting connections in the authorities, media or law firms - do not hesitate to inform them about the case and contact us. We will be glad to help.

Last but not least - simply help spreading the world by using buttons in the right menu of this website (Facebook Like, email) and post information about our websites at your website, blog or favorite forum - thank you in advance!