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Cash Reward Up To $350 000

Our group has decided to designate a cash reward for a successful help in our case. Here you will find all important details about our terms & conditions.

You can easily earn up to 350 000 USD depending on the effects! What you have to do? Provide us with personal data of people involved in the fraudulent activity. It is not important for us who you are and how you will get the information.

If you are a call center worker or secretary used by the fraudsters - you can safely gather needed information for weeks and send it to us from some random private email address. If you are a hacker - you can break into systems used by the fraudsters and log their information flow. If you are a special agent or police officer - you can use your work connections. If you are a random person who happends to notice anything suspicious - you are lucky!

It is a win-win situation. At one side you can earn a lot of money and on the other you are helping a good cause.

Our proposition:

  1. We are willing to pay to a suplier of personal data (name, surname, date of birth, place of birth, addresses, phones & emails) of people involved in the fraudulent activity amount up to 100 000 USD + 10% of money regained from the fraudsters. Maximum it can give you 350 000 USD.
  2. Money will be paid only if members of our group retrieve at least some part of fundings stolen by the fraudsters.
  3. We can guarantee 100% privacy for the information supplier:
    - Only one person in our group will have access to contact data to the suplier.
    - Reward can be wire transfered to any banking account in the world provided by the information suplier - we will not ask any questions.
  4. If suplier wishes so, before we exchange information we can write down an agreement using an international law firm as a 3rd party warranter and Escrow services.
    - If information suplier is in some way unintentionally involved in the fraud scheme we can provide exclusion from eventual further legal actions.

We want to keep the terms & conditions as simple as possible. We also want to protect your privacy as our main aim are people behind fake brokerage companies described at and similar - not details of methods that you have used to provide us with the information.

Interested? Contact us!

If you have been victimized by any fake brokerage company mentioned at and would like to join our action and/or increase the cash reward offering - let us know.