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U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Statement

If you are still not conviced that companies described by us are an investment fraud - read bellow statement received by us directly from U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (U.S. exchange market regulator).

Review of pertinent databases indicates that no such entity as Source One International, Mann International, Cornerstone Worldwide, Pro Capital Management, Vantage Capital International, Anderson Shaw Group is registered with the SEC. Please note that any time you undertake to give money to a "purported investment firm," you should make a determination about its regulatory status. Brokerage firms and transfer agents (TAs) have to be registered with the securities regulatory authorities to do business in the United States. This is the same requirement for most other countries if the firm wishes to do business in that particular country.

If you have given money over to mentioned entities you also should report your experience to the securities regulator in Japan (Japan Financial Services Agency), if you have not already done so. For contact information to securities regulator for every country, please visit the website of the International Organization of Securities Commission.

Japan Financial Services Agency issues an alert list of cold calling companies with their names, websites, addresses and telephone numbers available here.

As for your putative shares theoretically purchased by fraudulent entities, you should check with the transfer agent (TA) of the issuer, to determine whether shares in the company were in fact purchased on your behalf and the TA or record keeper for the company's shareholders has you on its books. For the stock you have purportedly bought, you can use the "Pink Sheets" website to find information on who the TA is. Just click on the COMPANY INFO tab after you have brought up the company by entering its symbol. If the issuer has no TA and performs its own shareholder relations, you would have to check with it. The U.S. SEC does not maintain a universal database of shares owned by investors, nor does any such thing as a universal share registry exist (in the U.S.).

It is highly unlikely that you will find yourself to own, or ever to have owned, shares theoretically purchased by fraudulent entities on your behalf.

This appears to be a case of outright theft by a fictitious boiler room entity. It may be helpful to bear in mind that various scams are circulating (versions of a re-load attack), whereby offshore boiler rooms telephone investors with an offer of assistance to recoup a loss or remove a restriction or sell non-performing shares (even in the case of putative shares), for example. Please see our online publication, "Worthless Stock: How to Avoid Doubling Your Losses".

About penalty charges on U.S. stock market

Incidentally, the fee to remove a restrictive legend, if there is any fee at all, is utterly nominal (typically under US $100.00 for ALL your shares). Again, the fee, if there is any, is a nominal processing charge, and it goes to the issuer's transfer agent, NOT the SEC. Investors do NOT pay fees to the U.S. SEC to have a restrictive legend removed from their shares.

Investors in a situation similar to yours should avoid purchasing anything over the telephone from unknown entities. Please also bear in mind that once fraudsters have gotten hold of your contact and account/investment information, they will make repeated attacks upon you, in different guise to be sure, but with the hope of relieving you of additional funds should you prove unwary even for an instant. Again, perhaps the best offense is a good defense:

  2. As ALWAYS, investors should check with securities regulators (international list of regulators available at IOSC here) about any investment offering made to them to see if it is legitimate.

We hope this information proves helpful to you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our commission. Indeed, please feel free to check directly with Mr. Jim Daly at any time via the contact information provided.

Jim Daly
U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission
Office of Investor Education and Advocacy
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